[pre-debut story] Heechul to Leeteuk… prepare your hearts to read this :’)

Heechul is just… I don’t know…. I just wanna hug him <3

Despite reading it for umpteen times, this still makes me cry. #83liners

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Right now we are like the clock hands at 12:30. We have our backs to each other, looking at different places and trying to let go of everything.

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"what special feature does yura have that the other members dont?" "boobs” 

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Our cheeseball, Ken, ladies and gentlemen…

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ravi and his fanboys 

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18 / 150 - 호민 

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First Taiwanese celebrity to have his own LINE stickers published - Interview: Aaron Yan

Q: What was your initial reaction when you discovered you’ll be releasing your very own set of LINE stickers? Did you send them to your friends straight away on the date of their release?

Aaron: I’m a great fan of LINE stickers myself. If there are new ones that I like, I can’t resist but to purchase them. Hence I’ve always told my management company that I want to publish my own set of LINE stickers, I wasn’t expecting the stickers to be released in October, super happy!!! On the day of their release, of course I messaged my friends about it, I also asked everyone to purchase them through group chat XD. You asked about whether if I sent them as gifts to others? Of course not~ I had to let my friends support my stickers themselves (laughs).

My favourite sticker out of the set is the one that says 「有事嗎」 “Is there something wrong?”, because it’s totally the tone which I usually talk in and the face which I usually pull. Don’t you think the greatest thing about stickers is that you can use a picture to express everything? Besides, the stickers have my face on them, so I don’t have to type, I can just use my own stickers to communicate.

Q: So it sounds like you use LINE very often! Can you share with us the stickers which you use mostly plus the games which you mostly play?

Aaron: The cartoon characters which have accompanied me since childhood, I will definitely download their stickers. My favourites are Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Disney series, Chibi Maruko Chan, Crayon Shin Chan, I have those, needless to say, I also have Brown and Cony’s stickers. Due to work, I can’t always reply straight away, but I will still find time to reply to messages, such as choosing which stickers to send and what words to type. Yes I have a lot of stickers downloaded, but I will still choose very carefully of which ones to send! (I heard that people in the showbiz industry will use the voice messaging function very often?) I’m not too sure on this… I’m not used to using voice messaging, I’ll become shy… So I’ll still stick to using stickers and typing words to reply to messages even though I may be very busy at times. Now that you have my stickers, all 40 of them are super good to use, I will now avoid not replying to messages even after I’ve read them!

The money spent on stickers and LINE games… altogether I think it adds up to over 300,000. LINE Pokopang, LINE Cookie Run and the most recent LINE Rangers and Disney Tsum Tsum, I love them all! Maybe because I’m a person who loves winning, so when my friends are higher than me on the rankings chart, I will want to catch up with them straight away. I don’t like being stuck on certain levels, I’ll want to reach the top straight away. Hence I’ll always buy extra things to help me whenever I’m stuck, e.g. to buy tools or new characters to boost my level. When my mum saw my invoice, she was left in shock and asked me what I bought. (covers face)

Q: Are there any special apps which you particularly love using?

Aaron: LINE Camera and LINE Tools. LINE Camera can help me get rid of my dark circles by using the light options, I’ve recently discovered that it’s also very good for reducing puffiness, so even if it seems like an extra step to take, but I’ll always edit my photos first before posting them to social media sites. As for LINE Tools, it’s because I want to convert the units of the gym equipments which I use, but within the app there are also a lot of magical tools, such as the spaghetti scale, so magical! (´∀`)

You can most definitely say I’m the endorser of LINE (laughs), but of course there are friends who want me to use other apps to communicate with them, those apps also have stickers but it just feels different when using them, I’m not use to their interfaces. Hence I’d hope for my friends to use LINE instead, some of my friends even said that within their LINE app, I’m their only friend on their friends list. XD

Q: Please tell us your secret of being able to score 16,500,000 points on LINE Cookie Run.

Aaron: It’s very important that you match your cookie with the correct pet. You must memorise the pairings and also the tricky areas of  various levels. (So your current pairing is??) My current pairing is the Ninetales Cookie with the Foxy Bead. When transforming, it’s best not to jump continuously, or you’ll return back to your normal state very quickly. I’m also very fond of the LINE Rangers game, but recently I got stuck on around Level 120. I haven’t gotten my hands around the tricks to pass the level, I still tolerate until there’s an event under the 5 stars Gacha to use my rubies to get the Gacha. (proud)

For Aaron’s LINE ON AIR session on 10/08, here are the 3 questions that have been chosen to be answered by Aaron:

  1. When will you be coming to Mainland China for promotions?
  2. Is your health any better?
  3. For 10/19’s Puddings Day, Ah Bu are there any words which you’ll like to say to everyone?

Aaron: I’ll be having promotions in Mainland China very soon! Please follow and stay tuned to my official account. My body is still a bit weak, I will work hard on maintaining my energy, please don’t worry about me! For Puddings’ Day, I’d like to say to all my fans…

"Thank you for all your support. From 2005, when I first stepped into the showbiz to now, is already the 9th year. Some fans have even transformed from being a student to becoming teachers, yet you still come and support me at my events. You guys are my responsibility, my sweet burdens. Thank you everyone for always supporting me..・゚(゚`Д)゙"

Source: Official LINE Taiwan 20141017
Translations: dearaaronyan.tumblr.com



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Reblog if you will stand by Super Junior’s side even after ALL the members get married.

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